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Consultation on a change to the timing of lessons

Saturday 9th June 2018

Consultation on a change to the timing of lessons

The College is planning to introduce a new timetable in September, which will reduce lesson length and allow more frequent contact with teachers. The aim is to replace the three lessons consisting of 100 minutes with four lessons consisting of 75 minutes. Whilst the overall amount of time students will be taught will not change, the planned changes will allow teachers to revisit topics more frequently, and include memory-based teaching strategies to enable students to develop the skills they will need for the new-style GCSE and Post 16 examinations. The start and end of the College day will not change, students should be in College by 8:35 and lessons will still finish at 3:15.

The proposed model is:


We have set up a short online survey so parents/carers can contribute to any feedback or ask questions. The survey will be open until Monday 18th June after which the College will update the website with a summary of the questions and answers.