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Consultation on a change to the timing of lessons

Wednesday 20th June 2018

Consultation on a change to the timing of lessons

The College is planning to introduce a new timetable in September, which will reduce lesson length and allow more frequent contact with teachers. The aim is to replace the three lessons consisting of 100 minutes with four lessons consisting of 75 minutes. Whilst the overall amount of time students will be taught will not change, the planned changes will allow teachers to revisit topics more frequently, and include memory-based teaching strategies to enable students to develop the skills they will need for the new-style GCSE and Post 16 examinations. The start and end of the College day will not change, students should be in College by 8:35 and lessons will still finish at 3:15.

The proposed model is:


Following the online survey, the College would like to thank parents/carers for their comments and feedback regarding the proposed changes to the timing of the school day. The responses show that parents/carers are very much in favour of the proposed change to a four period day.

A small number of responses queried the timing of the lunch break. The decision to place lunchtime between lesson 3 and 4 was due to a number of factors. During the morning break, the canteens are open and students are able to, and often do, eat food during that time. Secondly, it was felt that the proposed model kept the lunch break as close to its current timing as possible. Finally, our experience suggests that minimising the number of lessons after lunch promotes more effective learning overall.

A second query related to the 5 minute movement time between periods 2 and 3. We want students to move quickly from one lesson to another at this time and the 5 minute transition creates a sense of urgency. Secondly, if the next lesson is on the same site, the transition time could be as small as one minute, and we are not keen on students hanging around in corridors for too long. We understand that transition between North and South site will be more problematic, but this will be eased when the new build is open.

Of course, once we experience these new timings over a term, we may consider amendments, and it will be possible to make changes, providing we keep the start and end of the College day the same. Please note that significant changes to the overall length of the College day needs a much longer lead in time and significant consultation, due to the wider impact of such a decision.

Once again, we would like to thank parent/carers for their responses.