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Year 12 students attend the 'Learn to Live' event in Redruth Cinema.

Saturday 30th September 2017

Year 12 students attend the 'Learn to Live' event in Redruth Cinema.

On Tuesday 26th September Year 12 students attended the 'Learn to Live' event in Redruth Cinema.

Students listened to a series of personal accounts and stories of people who have been involved in road traffic accidents. 'L2L' targets young people as they are statistically one of the most at risk groups when it comes to road traffic collisions. The event enabled young people to understand specific risks and consider the consequences of their actions. The event encouraged them to make small changes to their behaviours and developed their skills and awareness, they are then able to make sensible safe choices with regard to their safety when travelling on the roads.

The afternoon started with a presentation from a short film, depicting the scene of a group of friends going out for a night, having a collision, the emergency services arrive; one of the friends is taken to hospital, where she died from her injuries. Finally, the family are informed by the Police Family Liaison Officer and the true impact of a single collision is revealed.

As the different emergency services arrive, the film was paused and a member of that emergency service comes out on stage to tell of a collision they have attended. The stories they tell are real and told from their own personal point of view.
The final speakers were all (extra) ordinary people, who have had a member of their family killed or seriously injured in a collision. They spoke of the collision and also of the effect it has had on them and their family.
The reason why 'L2L' has so much impact is that students witness and understand the true impact of a single road traffic collision and the effect it has on all of those involved.

The students found the experience an eye-opener and a reality check. The summed up the experience by saying, "it's better to be late than not be there at all" and that we shouldn't try to "make up time on the road".