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Key Stage Three English Revision Books

To help students refine and improve their reading and writing skills at home, the English Department have obtained Key Stage Three revision books to sell to students.  Produced by Letts Educational Publishers, these books will give your child the opportunity to revise and practise the full range of skills that are essential for success at Key Stage 3, and form the basis of the GCSE English Language and Literature courses taught in Key Stage 4.

We have two books in stock:

KS3   Success: English Revision Guide which covers all aspects of reading and writing skills.  Student friendly presentation and clear guidance.  Some opportunities for skills practice.

KS3   Success: English Workbook.  A variety of different exercises to practise the skills covered in the revision guide.  Answers are included to encourage self-assessment and aid parent support.

The books are intended to be used in conjunction with one another, and it is our feeling that the best results can be gained this way. However, if you would prefer to purchase only one book, the revision guide works well as a stand-alone book for reference and consolidation of understanding.

We are selling the set of books at a cost of £9.98.  We will be selling the revision guide at a cost of £4.99.  If you would like purchase these books, please do so via ParentPay. Your child will receive their revision guides through their tutors.

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