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Transition Advice

During Year 6, the Assistant Headteacher, or the Head of Progress for Year 7, will come to visit pupils in their primary schools. They will generally bring some past students (Transition Mentors) who transferred from the same primary school, the previous year. The Transition Mentors will then be able to talk to Year 6 pupils and answer any questions that may arise, about the transition process and starting secondary school.

In June, Year 6 pupils will be invited up for a sample day of taster lessons, lunchtime and orientation exercises, where they will get the chance to meet other pupils who will be transferring with them.

Parents of Year 6 pupils will be invited to a Parents' Information Evening during this week, where they will have the chance to meet with their child’s Tutor, view the Tutor Group lists and be given information about the College and what to expect.

For those students with an educational statement, the College SENCO will usually be present at the Year 6 annual review process, so that he can meet the students and parents, and help to prepare appropriately for their needs.

We would be pleased to hear from any parent of a Year 6 child, who may have some questions or concerns about the process. If you contact the College switchboard, your call will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

HCC Transition Project 2017-2018

In order to help smooth the transition process when your child moves to secondary school, we are running a series of taster sessions throughout this academic year. The sessions are intended to provide a positive experience of secondary school and an opportunity for your child to meet staff and become more familiar with the buildings and layout of the College.  As these sessions are running after School, your child will have an opportunity to become familiar with Helston Community College in a more informal and relaxed way.

Due to demand, this year we pleased to be able to offer the project to pupils in Years 5 and 6, with a wider variety of subject taster sessions available. Sessions will commence at 3.30pm in the North Site Canteen, and upon arrival students will be given refreshments (juice and biscuits). Students will then be escorted to their taster session. They will return to the North Site Canteen when the sessions conclude at 4.30pm where they will be allowed to depart via the travel arrangement you have indicated on their registration form.

For families who are unable to collect their child from HCC at 4.30pm, we are able to offer transport on one of our College minibuses, and where requested, we can collect and return students to their primary school. Please note the mode of transport you indicate on the registration form will be the same for every transition session. Therefore, if you have requested for your child to travel via College minibus, your child will be transported via minibus for every session throughout the year.

We understand that, on occasion, you may be required to alter this arrangement. Where this is the case, please contact Mr Martin at Helston Community College on 01326 572685 who will be able to amend the register. Please notify us of any transport changes by 2.00pm on the date of the session.

If your child is interested in attending our Transition Project, please contact Ms A Cann on 01326 575015.