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Anti Bullying

All members of Helston Community College have the right to enjoy their lives free of bullying and harassment. Anyone who feels bullied or intimidated has the right to expect the College to listen and to act promptly and sensitively to deal with the problem.

If you feel that you are being bullied, talk to someone: your tutor, teacher, Mrs Autie, or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. It is also right for you to talk to your parents/carers about it, and for them to discuss it with the College.

If you find it difficult to talk to anyone at College or at home, then you can phone the 24 hour Childline Service on 0800 1111. All calls are free and confidential and trained counsellors will help any young person with a problem. Bullying will never stop if it is kept secret and no one faces up to it. If you think someone else is being bullied, talk to a member of staff about it. We guarantee that whistle-blowers who act in good faith will not be penalised and will be supported.

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